We aim to help families keep family life sustainable

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The Community Coaching Company was set up to respond to parents who reported low self-confidence and poor health after years of looking after the high level of needs of their children.

Nowadays our services are open to a wider community

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Our Services

  • free/ low cost group coaching services
  • free/ low cost one to one coaching services
  • courses for parents/carers or professionals
  • community based learning events
  • accessible projects for parents of children (and adults) with additional needs.
  • a monthly meet up for our members: coffee and chat with other parents and carers plus information/speakers

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Our training and coaching company was originally set up following consultation with parents of children with additional needs. Parents identified that they had lost so much self-confidence as a result of supporting their children’s high level of needs and as a result of representing their children’s needs to education, health and social care professionals.

We responded by offering opportunities for parents to meet, programmes of confidence boosting courses, group coaching, personal coaching and events.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]