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See our group members feedback from our last course…

See our group members feedback from our last course…

Last week our recent course ended with a celebratory session, where learners shared their learning with each other and added the most useful tips to their personalised ‘toolkit’.


It is great to hear what learners thought about the course, what tools they found most helpful and how we can build on this for the future. See their comments below:

“Don’t wonder – just come and join. It’s an amazing group of parents with issues that are SO similar to my own child’s issues. We are not alone. It’s a relaxed environment with no judgment. I’ve loved every moment and I’ve met some amazing parents. Thanks to Maria, she’s opened a doorway to an amazing network of support”


“Before I came on these courses my life was a big depressed mess. These courses are life changing. I don’t know how I coped without them.”


“It’s really good to know you’re not the only one – and to share thoughts, ideas and inspiration with like minded people.”


“Finding this course has helped me learn about strategies for helping my children as well as giving me permission to look after myself”


“Great to share, and to spend time with other parents who ‘get it’. Parents of children with additional needs are so resourceful…. so it is good to get together and support each other. This course is great for peer support and practising techniques.”


“This course has helped me to not to blame myself… and how to share my worries with other families”


“This is an amazing course, and an amazing group of parents. It has helped myself and my son’s anxiety. Lots of useful tips and resources that I have tried – and that actually work! – Brilliant!”


“Great course. Great Content. Very helpful. Maria is awesome!”


“It has been an amazing eyeopener. Very important for parents like myself to have contact with other parents who are in the same situation. I have learnt many many tips on how to cope with difficult situations.”


“I will use my ‘toolkit’ at home to help me deal with situations as they arise. I now feel like I have something I can go to –rather than feeling helpless. Its also great to have a list of contacts if help is required once the course is finished.”


“It has been really important to understand how my own self care can help me support my child with his anxiety”.

February Half-Term workshops MADE SOME NOISE!!!

February Half-Term workshops MADE SOME NOISE!!!










We  were delighted to welcome back BeatFeet to run a FREE special inclusive February half-term Drumming Workshop for our families.

Jude from BeatFeet told us that “Drumming naturally creates a sense of belonging and community, it encourages positive communication and social and emotional skills” 

We could certainly feel this –   everyone involved in the session experienced both a musical experience and a ‘coming together’ that left us totally energised.

BeatFeet has been funded by local charity, The Liz Winwood Foundation, to deliver a series of drumming workshops in special education schools and organisations around Nottingham.

The charity has as its core aim to enhance and support the upkeep of the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children, their families and their surrounding communities.

We were able to see, hear and experience for ourselves exactly why the organisation were able to get their funding – we found it was a GREAT way for our parents/carers and children to come together and make some noise!  A massive thankyou to Jude from BeatFeet! …more information can be found about them at https://www.beatfeetdrumming.co.uk/